The 2024 NEW Lemax Collection is here! This years Christmas & Halloween collections are sure to be filled with stunning new pieces that will add a touch of whimsy and festivity to your holiday decorations. Whether you prefer a traditional look, a more modern aesthetic, or something in between, there is sure to be something in the Lemax collection that speaks to your personal style. What’s new? Read on quick!

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Lemax 2024 Christmas Collection – © Lemax Collection
Christmas Collection

This year, Lemax added over 100 new pieces for the Holiday & Season Collection, including 6 new Sights & Sounds. Furthermore, Lemax released 51 new Lighted Buildings, 22 new Table Accents and 32 new figurines. Last but not least, there are 3 new façades and some new accessories. Watch the video below to see all new items based on their category.

Lemax 2024 Spooky Town Collection – © Lemax Collection
Spooky Town Collection

For Spooky Town, there are 5 new Sights & Sounds, 12 new Lighted Buildings, 16 new Table Accents and 10 new Accessories. Watch the video below to see all new items based on their category.

2024 catalog

The 2024 Christmas Catalog or Spooky Town Catalog are available on this page.


Lemax items can be bought from all over the world, online and in stores. Please check out the Lemax website to select your authorised retailer. They carry a variety of the latest products. In addition to this, some retailers still have some retired items in their range. For 2024, there are 90 Lemax Holiday & Christmas products have been discontinued and retired. The 2024 items should be available around from July-October at your local Lemax retailer.

exclusive products

In addition to this new Collection, Lemax also presents some exclusive items which are only available at selected retailers. The 2024 Michaels Exclusive Products are only available at Michaels stores, these items will most likely jeavailable at other retailers in 2025. Check the video below to see those new exclusive items.


Need some inspiration for your Lemax Christmas Village this year? First, discover Mike’s Christmas Village on YouTube and watch all videos to get inspired to create your own Lemax Village! Second, follow Mike’s Christmas Village on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram for even more cool display ideas.

What are your favourite new items for 2024? Post a comment below with your opinion about the new Lemax 2024 Collection.