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The Lemax Village Collection of lighted houses, figurines, accessories and landscaping will bring a smile to your face, and the spirit of the holidays to your heart. The charm of village life is captured in each of their porcelain lighted houses, and enhanced by a wide array of decorative accessories, landscaping features and hand-painted figurines that bring every display to life!

This year’s Lemax Village Collection features traditional favorites along with many exciting new pieces, and offers something for everybody from the serious collector to the holiday decorator. Whether you create a quaint display to complement your holiday décor, or build an expansive holiday town, a Lemax village will captivate and delight friends and family members of all ages.

Wander through the villages in the collection, enjoying the Victorian charm of Caddington Village, the all-American appeal of Harvest Crossing, the fresh look of Vail Village, the seaside charm of Plymouth Corners, and the whimsical fun of Santa’s Wonderland. And don’t forget to explore Spooky Town,  the hauntingly entertaining Halloween village — if you dare!

The Lemax Village Collection remains the best value in lighted collectibles. Dedicated Lemax collectors and seasonal decorators from across the globe are drawn to Lemax for their variety, attention to detail and superior quality.


Lemax was founded in 1990 by Jack Lee and has since been a market leader in the fast-growing market of illuminated villages. Where it once started with a selection of picturesque illuminated houses, the collection currently consists of different themes with houses, figurines and accessories. Collectors from all over the world have discovered this brand and have been building villages from small to large with this popular brand ever since. With a wide range of enchanting homes, landscaping, accessories and figurines, there is something for everyone from serious village collectors to budding hobbyists.

The distinctive strength of the brand is due to the quality in combination with affordable prices. In addition, Lemax is known among suppliers for its reliable deliveries. The head office is located in Hong Kong, Lemax also has a European and American office.

The porcelain houses are still part of the collection. In addition, new product groups have been added in recent years, including the animated pieces. Lemax wants to meet the demand of the public with this. By continuously innovating with new techniques and designs, they always stay ahead of the competition. A good example of such a development is the smoking chimney, released in 2020. New items containing this feature are still appearing every year.

Lemax Villages

Caddington Village
The charming Caddington Village Collection captures the elegance of the Victorian Era, with its detailed architecture and colorful daily life. From soaring cathedrals and intricately decorated homes, to richly costumed figurines, Caddington Village recalls a time of sophistication and refinement.

The visit of the carnival is the highlight of the summer season in towns and villages across America. The Lemax Carnival Collection recreates the sights and sounds that have enchanted generations of carnival goers. From the games of the midway to the motion of the rides, our Carnival is sure to capture the imagination of friends and family.

Harvest Crossing
Centered on the bounty of the land, the Harvest Crossing Collection represents the heart and soul of the American hometown. The architecture ranges from traditional farmhouses and suburban homes, to a downtown shopping district filled with uniquely styled restaurants and shops.

Plymouth Corners
The Plymouth Corners Collection replicates a New England seaside village, from the working docks up through the commerce-filled streets. You can almost taste the salt sea air and hear the “scree” of circling gulls! Start your village by selecting one of the detailed lighthouses and build from there!

Santa’s Wonderland
The fanciful Santa’s Wonderland Collection has long been a favorite of Lemax collectors. Its vivid buildings and delightful figurines capture the true spirit of the holiday season, and make a colorful addition to Christmas décor, and bring out the happy child in all of us.

Vail Village
The ruggedly constructed buildings of Vail Village Collection — made of rough cut logs, heavy stones and thick pine planks — are perfectly suited for the town’s natural terrain and winter weather. The fast pace of an active life is obvious in this snowy paradise.

Sugar ‘N Spice
The Lemax Sugar & Spice Collection is a delightful holiday-themed collection that brings the magic of baking and confectionery to life. With charming gingerbread houses, colorful candy decorations, and sweet-themed figurines, this collection is perfect for those who want to add a touch of whimsy and sweetness to their holiday decor.

Jukebox Junction
The Lemax Jukebox Junction Collection takes you back in time to the nostalgic era of the 1950s, with its retro-inspired designs and vibrant colors. This collection features iconic jukeboxes, classic cars, and vintage diners, bringing a sense of fun and nostalgia to your village display.

Spooky Town Collection
The supernatural and scary have found a place right here in Spooky Town, the Lemax Spooky Town Collection is dedicated to the fright-filled delight of Halloween. Lemax has gone to the “dark side” of their imaginations to come up with scenes that will make you shiver with fear and smile in fun, all at the same time.

General Products
Dancing penguins. Animated snowmen. Flowing fountains. Beautifully decorated trees. Skating parties. Warm and welcoming homes. Happy children and beaming parents. All are part of the General Products Collection of Lemax, allowing you to recapture the delight and wonder of a simpler time filled with childhood memories.