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In this new tutorial I’ll show you how to make a Lemax Canal Display yourself! Have you ever been to Amsterdam? This great city in the Netherlands is characterized by its narrow streets and canals through which you can sail with boats.

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products list

Lemax Collection | Mike's Christmas VillageA few years ago, Lemax released several canal houses and various accessories that were based on the theme of Amsterdam.

These items are the basis for the display and are mentioned below. Please note that some items are retired. It means that these products are out of production. Some retailers still have these in stock. Otherwise, you can always try to buy these items second hand.

Lemax Cheese Seller | Mike's Christmas Village
Lemax Cheese Seller (#45732)



Table Accents / Figurines:


Lemax Mail Delivery Cycle | Mike's Christmas Village
Lemax Mail Delivery Cycle (#370797)



Other Materials:

  • Styrofoam
  • Moss
  • Magic Snow

Final result

Some more pictures of the display: