New Lemax Village Collection 2021 officially released

Every year Lemax releases new items to their collection. This year, Lemax added over 175+ new items! Let’s see what’s new in 2021.

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Sights & sounds

New this year are eight new Sights & Sounds pieces for Holiday and Christmas, with three of these coming over from being a Michaels 2020 Exclusive. The North Pole Mail Room and the Friendly Forest Clockworks (real clock) are two amazing pieces for Santa’s Wonderland.

Both items look amazing. Those items will surely make their entrance to Mike’s Christmas Village 2021!

The Winterhaus Resort in Vail Village and the Santa’s Sleigh Spinners for Carnival Village will add some fun and excitement to any holiday village.

After seeing the photos and videos of this piece, I absolutely LOVE the Winterhaus Resort! The Vail Village theme did not yet have Sights & Sounds. Very nice to see that it has changed now. I am personally not impressed with the Santa’S Sleigh Spinners. It’s too childish in my opinion.

In contrast, the Christmas Cheer Carousel in Caddington Village will add some elegance to any village. Released in 2020 but new for Europe is Tinseltown Plaza, Sugar Plum Dance Company, and Tannenbaum Clock Tower (real clock).

It’s cool to see that Lemax continues to develop and reinvent itself. Just look at last year’s smoking chimneys or this year’s moving clocks. In that respect, they really make a difference from other brands.

After the success of The Smoking Chimney from last year, this year more items offer the new ”smoking chimney” effect. Yonder Peak Ski & snowboard School and Thicket Falls Cabin will add some special effects to your village this year.

Updated versions

Not necessarily new in 2021 but is considered “Version 2” is the Round-Up, The Shooting Star, A Christmas Carol Play, Santa’s Workshop, and the Village Skating Pond with Sound.  These pieces have been recently updated with new mechanics but still, have the same features.

lighted buildings

For all enthusiasts – including myself – a lot of porcelain illuminated buildings have been released again this year. Below are some of my favorites.


This year 3 new facades have been released. These houses only have a decorated front and a flat back.

Façades are very popular items among collectors, because you can easily place them in a somewhat smaller display. You can even hang these houses on your wall! Personally, I like the Wintergarten Lane Façade the most.

table accents

Table Accents – also known as table accessories – are larger than figurines and really bring your village to life. A Table Accent can be illuminated, have movement or serve purely as a decoration piece.

Unfortunately, Lemax did not release any ‘new’ moving table accents this year. Perhaps because there were already many moving table accents in the collection. Still, there are some nice things, especially for me as a Vail Village enthusiast.


In 2021, Lemax is again releasing a lot of new figures with which you can expand your village.

I can’t wait to see the new figures for myself. Everything from Lemax is hand-painted, so I think it’s the best to choose the figures yourself in the store.

where to buy

Lemax items can be bought from all over the world, online and in stores. Please check out the Lemax website to select your authorised retailer. They carry a variety of the latest products, and may offer exclusive Lemax Creations and retired pieces.


Need some inspiration for your Lemax Christmas Village this year? No problem! Discover Mike’s Christmas Village on YouTube, watch all videos and get inspired to create your own Lemax Village!

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From myself I wish you a lot of fun shopping and building. There is plenty of choice again this year! Be sure to follow me to get inspiration for your own village.

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