The Lemax Christmas Ballet Sight & Sound could be one of the most amazing pieces Lemax have built yet. In this DIY Tutorial I show you how to give this item some extra magic by making a nice display with it. Once rehearsals are done, it’s time to enjoy the performance.

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Watch the DIY Tutorial below. You can use this display in all sorts of ways. You can even add it to your village or put it on a table.

product list

In this list you will find all the products I used to make this display. Behind each product you will find a link to the Lemax Website. Check the Lemax Collection Where to Buy page for an authorized Lemax dealer in your country.

Sights & Sounds:

  • Lemax Christmas Ballet (Link)


  • Lemax Village Tree (Link)


  • Lemax Brick and Pebble Roads (Link)
  • Lemax Large Brick Road (Link)
  • Lemax Pebble Mat (Link)


  • Lemax Christmas Shopping Break (Link)
  • Lemax Chatting With Old Friends (Link)
  • Lemax Chatting Together (Link)
  • Lemax A Short Break (Link)


  • Lemax Old English Lamp Post (Link)
  • Lemax Red Carpet, Set of 7 (Link)
  • Lemax Green Trash Can (Link)
  • Lemax Staircase (Link)
  • Lemax Flower Bed Boxes (Link)
  • Lemax Park Bench, Set of 2 (Link)
  • Lemax Power Adapter

Other materials:

  • Hot Glue
  • Styrofoam
  • Wooden plate (thickness equal to Styrofoam)
  • Fine Snow