It’s time for the new Lemax Spooky Town 2021 Collection! In addition to the Holiday & Season collection, Lemax also has a Spooky Town Collection. For Spooky Town fans, there are almost 40 new pieces! Let’s see what to expect in 2021.

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Sights & sounds
Lemax Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery (#15723)

In 2021 Lemax presents five new Sights & Sounds, including the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery, winner of the 2019 contest “You Name It. We Create It”.

For this competition, Spooky Town fans from all over the world could submit ideas for a new Lemax Spooky Town item. The winning idea was further developed by the Lemax design team and finally put into production.

Also new is the Point Dread Lighthouse, and Web of Terror Ferris Wheel.  These new Sights & Sounds will surely be a big hit this year for Halloween fans.

Lemax Point Dread Lighthouse (#15722)
Lemax Web Of Terror Ferris wheel (#14823)

Also worth seeing are Hideous Harry’s Toy Factory and Black Raven Manor.

Lemax Hideous Harry’s Toy Factory (#05603)
Lemax Black Raven Manor (#05605)









The new Sights & Sounds are amazing! My favourites are the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery and Black Raven Manor. They both have a calm look but still enough elements to make it look spooky.

More to enjoy

There are also six new Spooky Town Lighted Buildings, eight new Table Accessories, fifteen new Figurines, and a new Spooky Town Display Platform.

where to buy

The new Lemax Spooky Town Collection 2021 can be bought from all over the world, online and in stores. Please check out the Lemax website to select your authorised retailer. They carry a variety of the latest products, and may offer exclusive Lemax Creations and retired pieces.


Need some inspiration for your Lemax Spooky Town display this year? Discover Mike’s Spooky Village on YouTube, watch all videos and get inspired to create your own Lemax Village!

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There are a lot of great additions to Spooky Town again this year! Happy Halloween!

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