We will conclude our tour of the various garden centers in the Netherlands this year in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. There we find Tuincentrum Osdorp, which again this year has a beautiful Lemax Store Display 2022.

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A surprising setup

Very different from last year, that’s what we can call it. Where the village was built last year in a large display case with a moving ski lift for children, this year it is separate islands where smaller villages have been built. Personally, I think it’s a successful choice, it’s original and something different. Extra fun: the backgrounds are based on the different façades of Lemax with of course the typical Dutch canal houses.


Check out this original display below:

You will probably wonder, how busy is the village with viewers! We were here at a meeting of the Dutch Christmas Village Club. Are you also from the Netherlands and would you like to join? Read more here.

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