Lemax Store Display 2022 Intratuin Duiven

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is around the corner (well, almost…). Every year Intratuin Duiven is the one with the largest Christmas Village in Europe. And, they are ready! Read on and check out this huge Lemax Store Display 2022.

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Last year we also visited Intratuin Duiven as one of the very first. View last year’s report here.

The street of wonder

The Christmas show at Intratuin Duiven has a special theme every year, this year it is ‘De straat van verwondering‘ (The Street of Wonder). Not only the famous escalator is carried out in that theme, but you will also encounter the Christmas village in a Victorian atmosphere.You can hardly imagine it, but in August people already started building this huge display. Waterfalls, rivers and rocks, together with the always beautiful miniature trains, are the basis for the Lemax Christmas village.

In about 1 week, the Lemax Europe team, together with Intratuin employees and other builders, built this gigantic Christmas village. Extra fun, this year I was allowed to help build this huge village on behalf of Lemax! The Italian theme, Jukebox Junction and Vail Village Woodland, among others, were built by me.

behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how the huge Lemax villages in the garden centers are built up? In a special video we show you how we built a beautiful Italian Christmas village.

A frequently asked question is how these huge villages are built. Below you will find some pictures of the building process. As you can see, wooden plates, rock stones and moss are used.



Watch this amazing village below:

Let’s see some detailed photo’s from this village

spooky town


That was magical wasn’t it? Hopefully you have now got some extra inspiration for your own Lemax Christmas village. And if you have the opportunity to visit this huge village, you should definitely do it!

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