Are you in the mood for Halloween yet? Then sit back and enjoy the end result of Mike’s Spooky Village 2021! In this creepy Lemax village, ghosts, witches and scary trees come to life to terrify you! The houses and figures are from the Lemax Spooky Town series.

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It was not the intention to make a display of this size, but a simple small scene on a tray. However, while building it, it got so much fun that I decided to make it bigger! Soon, multiple Spooky Town items came in, from small moving scenes to larger items like the Mt. Gloom Observatory.

The many flashing lights, sounds and movements give this village a really cool atmosphere. Much use has been made of natural materials in real Halloween colors: green, brown and dark blue. Curious about how this great spectacle was built? On the YouTube channel of Mike’s Christmas Village you can find ‘The making of: Mike’s Spooky Village 2021’. Here you can see the complete building process at an accelerated pace.

Have you been able to get some inspiration for your Halloween village yet? Let me know in the comments. You can expect even more photos of Mike’s Spooky Village 2021 on the Instagram page of Mike’s Spooky Village, and of course on Pinterest.