It’s time for Lemax Spooky Town 2021! Mike’s Spooky Village 2021 is finished! In the latest video on the Mike’s Christmas Village YouTube channel you can see how this spooky village was built.

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It was a nice challenge for me to make this village, as it was my first time to work with this theme. It has a nice atmosphere and especially the lighting in the village is great. In any case, the Lemax houses already have a special appearance of their own, by adding extra spots you make it even more beautiful.

Mike’s Spooky Village consists of a number of Sights & Sounds from the Lemax Spooky Town collection. A number of items are retired, which means that they are not produced by Lemax. You may still be able to find them at Lemax retailers or second-hand.

A great animated item is the Lemax Halloween Party. Kids go door-to-door for sweets, but you better not do that at this castle!

Lemax Halloween Party | Mike's Spooky Village
Lemax Halloween Party (#85669)

Another fun item is the Mt. Gloom Observatory. The big skull spins in circles, looking for…? For you, maybe?

Lemax Mt. Gloom Observatory | Mike's Spooky Village
Lemax Mt. Gloom Observatory (#45672)

I made this horror display even more bloody. In the corner is a real volcano! A mist maker in combination with a red aquarium spot makes it look like there is real blood in this volcano!

Curious about the end result of Mike’s Spooky Village 2021? You have to be patient for that! Soon the video will be online in which you can admire the end result.

Until then, take a look at the social media channels of Mike’s Christmas Village (Facebook and Instagram). Here you will find the most beautiful pictures of the display in the coming months, in the run-up to Halloween.

Be sure to check out the Pinterest page of Mike’s Christmas Village, for even more inspiration for your Lemax Halloween Village.