The holiday season is all about spreading warmth and joy, and what better way to do so than by crafting your very own Lemax 2023 Christmas Village? This year, we’re embracing the charm of Italy, and we invite you to join us on this creative journey.

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Product list


  • Lemax The Hillside Winery (35027)

Lighted Buildings:

  • Lemax Carmella’s Wine And Chocolate Tasting Room (35062)


  • Lemax Plaza System (64099)
  • Lemax Canal Wall (04764)
  • Lemax Canal Fence (44789)
  • Lemax Plastic Foot Bridge (04158)
  • Lemax Staircase (84387)

Lighted Accessories:

  • Lemax Round Spot Light (44756)
  • Lemax Old English Lamp Post (74231)
  • Lemax Joyful Christmas Tree (34101)


  • Lemax Green Trash Can (84386)
  • Lemax Flower Bed Boxes (84380)
  • Lemax Bicycles (14377)


  • Lemax Tamale Cart (32215)
  • Lemax The Wine Barrel (22140)
  • Lemax Pond Romance (02956)
  • Lemax Artful Dodger (02947)
  • Lemax Relaxing Day (92777)
  • Lemax Bread Peddler (82590)
  • Lemax Sign Painter (12527)


  • Lemax Marcescent Tree Large (64088)
  • Lemax Village Tree (94532)


  • Moss
  • (Fine) snow
  • Cork bark (background/mountain)
  • Blue stones

Check to find an authorized Lemax retailer.

Now that you’ve created your own Italian-inspired Lemax 2023 Christmas Village, bask in the charm of your festive masterpiece. Display it proudly and share your creativity with the world using #Lemax and #Mikeschristmasvillage.

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Buon Natale! 🇮🇹🎁🏘️

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