A village doesn’t always have to be big! A Lemax village can be placed anywhere, in a cupboard, on the windowsill or in a display case! Here you can see how you can easily build an Italian display yourself in this Lemax Italian Display DIY Tutorial.

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Check out the DIY Tutorial below. The dimensions of the display are 35 x 60 x 25 cm / 13.77 x 23.62 x 9.84 inches (HxWxD), but of course you can choose a larger size or a different type of display.

product list

You can find all the products and materials I used during the build below. The most important are the 2 Lemax facades that form the basis for this display, we then further decorate it with accessories and figures. Behind each product you will find a link to the Lemax Website. Check the Lemax Collection Where to Buy page for an authorized Lemax dealer in your country.


  • Lemax Venice Canal Shops (Link)
  • Lemax Tuscany Hills (Link)


  • Lemax The Proposal (Link)
  • Lemax Cafe Society (Link)
  • Lemax Artful Dodger (Link)


  • Lemax Red Moped (Link)
  • Lemax Canal Wall (water) (Link)
  • Lemax Staircase (1 side) (Link)
  • Lemax Canal Fence (Link)
  • Lemax Super Bright Yellow String (Link)
  • Lemax Stand of Sycamore (Link)
  • Lemax Power Adapter

Other materials:

  • Hot Glue
  • Double-sided tape (attach background)
  • Custom background
  • MyVillage Moss Green (Link)
  • MyVillage Glass Stones Blue Fine (Link)
  • Modelling Clay
final result

Here are some more pictures of this Lemax Italian Display.

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