Nothing is more fun than visiting a real Christmas market! In 2020, Lemax released some cool market stalls with which you can perfectly make your own Christmas market! Today I’ll show you how to make this yourself in this Lemax Christmas Market DIY Tutorial.

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In the video below you can see how I build the display. I use a tray as a base, but of course you can always choose your own base. For example, add this in your own Christmas village or build it on a side table.

product list

In this list you will find all the products I used to make this display. The base consists of a facade and 3 market stalls. Behind each product you will find a link to the Lemax Website. Check the Lemax Collection Where to Buy page for an authorized Lemax dealer in your country.


  • Lemax Merry Christmas Market (Link)

Market Stalls:

  • Lemax Christmas Candles (Link)
  • Lemax Christmas Market Bratwurst (Link)
  • Lemax Mulled Wine and Ciders (Link)


  • Lemax Look! (Link)
  • Lemax Flower Seller (Link)
  • Lemax Chatting with Old Friends (Link)
  • Lemax Sandwich Board Man (Link)
  • Lemax Violet Vendor (Link)
  • Lemax Chatting Together (Link)
  • Lemax Can I have some Too? (Link)


  • Lemax Round Spot Light (Link)
  • Lemax Antique Street Lamp (Link)
  • Lemax Large Pebble Road (Link)
  • Lemax Canal Fence (Link)
  • Lemax Lighted Christmas Tree Large (Link)
  • Lemax Super Bright Yellow String (Link)
  • Lemax Vintage Bicycle (Link)
  • Lemax Park Bench (Link)
  • Lemax Assorted Pine Trees (Link)
  • Lemax Power Adapter

Other materials:

  • Hot Glue
  • Tape
  • Moss
  • Cardboard + staples
  • Fine Snow
final result

Here are some more pictures of this little Lemax Christmas Market Display.

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