Lemax Store Display 2022 Oosterik

The Christmas villages in the Netherlands are slowly being built, as is the case at Garden Centrum Oosterik. Let’s have a look at this beautiful Lemax Store Display 2022!

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Behind the scenes

The village consists of 2 different parts this year. There is a large table on which all themes such as Santa’s Wonderland, Caddington Village, Vail Village and Plymouth Corners are built. A sprawling Harvest Crossing village has been built on the other table. We received these photos of the construction, which clearly show that the mountains are made with wooden pallets. Nice to see how all these cords were neatly concealed in the end!

View the end result below:

a lot of details

Numerous small stories have been created in the village and all materials have been cleverly used. A number of new articles have been presented in a funny way. How about the new mountaineer figures, for example. A real mountain has been made from cave paper, making it seem as if the mountaineers are really climbing the mountain. Or how about the man who fell into the water along with his Christmas presents, oops!

Also a striking detail is the runway made for the new house ‘North Pole Control Tower’, which has been part of the collection since this year. This way you make a Christmas village even more fun, hopefully it gives you some inspiration to get started yourself.


If you come from the Netherlands or Germany, then it is definitely worth taking a look. This garden center is located in Denekamp, near the border between the Netherlands and Germany. If you are not in the opportunity, then hopefully you were still able to enjoy the village thanks to this video.

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Let me know in the comments what you thought of this Lemax display. And have you been able to draw inspiration from it for your own village?
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