Lemax Store Display 2022 Eurofleur

It’s only halfway through August and the very first Lemax Christmas Village in the Netherlands is up and running! At Garden Center Eurofleur you will find a huge Lemax Store Display 2022!

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how it started

Almost 90 square meters of Lemax items, wow! The Lemax Europe team has recently been working here to build this huge display. I received some photos of the construction from a well-informed source. The team used pallets to make mountains and differences in height. A waterfall has been built in the middle, which divides the village into two different parts. Nevertheless, it still looks like a complete village. The mountains are dressed with cork bark and moss to make it look as natural as possible.

I’ve visited this store last year too, click here to see how it looked like last year. A lot of hours must have been spent on this village, so the result is certainly there! Watch the video of this display below, the article continues below.

all different themes

The huge display is divided into different themes, based on Lemax’s different collections. The only themes that are missing are Spooky Town and Sugar ‘N Spice, as these are also not for sale in the store. Almost all items from the new Lemax 2022 Collection are on display, so for many Dutch collectors this is their first chance to see them in person. However, a couple of months ago I visited the Lemax Europe Showroom where I saw all these items too, click here to watch the video which I made there.

train and cable car

In addition to all Lemax items, the team also used a Jagerndorfer cable car and Marklinn train. The train travels through a tunnel and then crosses the valley via a huge bridge. If you pay close attention, you will also see the new mountaineers trying to reach the bridge.


As if that wasn’t enough, I also spot many small jokes and unique details. For example, look at all the animals that have been given a residence in the Harvest Crossing theme, such as horses and cows. Finally, various Lemax materials have been used to create walls, stairs and elevations.

Although we know that not everyone in the world can visit this unique display, I hope this article will give you some inspiration and get you in the Christmas mood.

Of course, many more store displays will follow as more stores start putting on their Christmas show. Don’t forget to follow Mike’s Christmas Village on Facebook and Instagram, there you will see images of these beautiful displays for the first time!

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Let me know in the comments what you thought of this Lemax display. And have you been able to draw inspiration from it for your own village?
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