Have you already added a skating rink to your Lemax Christmas Village? Or are you looking for inspiration for a smaller display? Today I’ll show you how to make this yourself in this Lemax Ice Skating Display DIY Tutorial.

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Watch the DIY Tutorial below. You can use this display in all sorts of ways. You can even add it to your village. We did that, for example, with this huge store display at Eurofleur.

product list

In this list you will find all the products I used to make this display. Behind each product you will find a link to the Lemax Website. Check the Lemax Collection Where to Buy page for an authorized Lemax dealer in your country.

Sights & Sounds:

  • Lemax Outdoor Skating Rink (Link)
  • OR: Lemax Christmas Grove Skating Rink (Link)

Lighted Buildings:

  • Lemax ‘Tis The Season Skate Rentals (Link)

Table Accents:

  • Lemax Cocoa Corner (Link)


  • Lemax Going Skating (Link)
  • Lemax Hot Cocoa Drinkers (Link)
  • Figurines included with the Outdoor Skating Rink


  • Lemax Field Lights (Link)
  • Lemax Old English Lamp Post (Link)
  • Lemax Plaza System (Link)
  • Lemax Canal Fence (Link)
  • Lemax Staircase (Link)
  • Lemax Assorted Pine Trees (Link)
  • Lemax Power Adapter

Other materials:

  • Hot Glue
  • Moss
  • Cardboard
  • Fine Snow
final result

Here are some more pictures of this Lemax Ice Skating Display.

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