Check the Lemax 2022 Christmas Showroom

An exclusive invitation to take a look at the Lemax Europe showroom! A space that is normally not accessible to the public, but don’t worry: you get a unique (virtual) tour! The complete Lemax Christmas Village Collection and Spooky Town collection has been presented including all new items announced in 2022. Read on quickly and view the exclusive tour of the showroom.

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new collection

In March 2022, Lemax announced hundreds of new items which would be added to the collection. Authorized Lemax retailers can then visit the Lemax Showroom to do their Christmas shopping and view the new collection. Mike’s Christmas Village was also invited to take an exclusive look behind doors that usually remain closed to others! As a visitor it is not possible to visit this location.

Lemax Europe is located in Roelofarendsveen in the Netherlands, close to Schiphol Airport. Furthermore, besides this office, Lemax also has a head office in Hong Kong and a location in the United States.


The showroom is located on the second floor. Upon entering, the large panels immediately catch the eye. It describes, for example, the history of the brand, from the new LED bulb to new product categories that were added. The complete supply chain of the product is also visualized, from the factory to the country where it is sold. Did you know that Lemax delivers to almost all countries in Europe?

For a collector this is like a toy store, because really all items can be found there! All new items released in 2022 are also presented, although these are not the actual products. They are so-called samples that are made before the production of the item starts. I can’t keep you in suspense any longer, watch the video below!

Cool right? In addition to the showroom, there is also a separate room with a larger village. A few villages can also be found in the showroom itself. Here you will not find the newest items yet, because they are not yet in stock.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the Lemax Europe staff for their kind reception and making this possible.

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