These are the NEW Lemax product exclusives for 2022!

Each year, Lemax releases exclusive products which are only available in at preferred retail partners. In 2022 there are some new exclusive items which can be found at Michaels and Gift Spice, both located in the USA.

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This years exclusive products are designed with imput gathered from each retailer. Working with Lemax, these exclusive retailers create a unique and distinctive product that is sold exclusively in their stores or online websites. Let’s see what’s new for 2022.

Exclusive Christmas Collectibles

The Christmas and seasonal exclusives seem to focus on the popular Santa’s Wonderland theme. Collectors of this theme will have their luck with items such as ‘Santa’s Reindeer Stables‘, ‘Toy Making School‘ and ‘Santa’s Village‘.

Furthermore, the ‘Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival‘ with spinning water wheel is very similar to the famous ‘Oak Creek Grist Mill’ which uses real water. This may look like an indication that this item will be retiring next year. The new model does not use real water, but does have moving fishermen and ducks, for example.


Exclusive Halloween Collectibles

Halloween fans can also visit Michaels again this year for exclusive products. The new item ‘Raven Hill‘ is a façade and therefore has a flat back.

These products are only available at Michaels and Gift Spice, however they might be released to all retailers next year. Without a doubt, it is now known that Lemax does this almost every year. Items like ‘Santa’s Village‘ and ‘Birch Creek ice Fishing Festival‘ will therefore almost certainly become available in other parts of the world as well. The only drawback for collectors is that they have to wait an extra year for it. On the other hands, Lemax is also releasing an extensive 2022 collection with lots of cool new items. Click here to see what’s new for 2022.

Comment below: which items do you like, and which ones not at all?

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