This is the NEW Lemax 2023 Norman Rockwell Collection

Lemax announced an exciting partnership with the iconic American artist, Norman Rockwell. This collaboration is set to bring a unique blend of art and architecture, merging Rockwell’s timeless artistry with Lemax’s intricate craftsmanship. The partnership is set to release seven new lighted buildings in 2023, promising to add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your miniature collection. What can we expect? Read more about this partnership below.

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The artist

Norman Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978), a celebrated 20th-century American painter and illustrator, is best known for his illustrations of everyday life. His works, which often appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, have become a symbol of American culture. Rockwell’s artistry is characterized by its warmth, humor, and vivid storytelling, making it a perfect match for Lemax’s detailed and imaginative designs. The Norman Rockwell Museum houses much of his artistic legacy. Learn more about Norman Rockwell here.

Home for Christmas (Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas) by Norman Rockwell.

home for christmas

In 2023, this partnership will bring to life seven new lighted buildings, each inspired by Rockwell’s iconic artwork ‘Home for Christmas’. These buildings are sure to capture the charm and nostalgia of Rockwell’s art, making them a must-have for both art enthusiasts and miniature collectors. The Lemax design team was inspired by the painting ‘Home For Christmas’ (Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas) 1967, while designing this new product line.

Especially because the team was very enthusiastic about the painting, this was a good opportunity, according to Lemax. The style of the painting from Norman Rockwell matches well with Lemax and helps to recreate the nostalgic Christmas feeling.


This unique product line consists of 7 illuminated buildings. Different from the standard lighted buildings, these items do not come with a light bulb. Each item features exterior lighting to make the piece stand out even more and will come with a 4.5V power adapter. The dimensions of the buildings are slightly larger. However, figures, accessories and table accents will still work well together.

Check the playlist below to see all items.


This collection will be available in 2023 together with the regular Lemax 2023 collection, but only at selected retailers. Therefore, check the Lemax website to find an authorized retailer and contact them whether they will have this series available.

All items from the new Lemax & Norman Rockwell Collection.


To further immerse yourself in the excitement of this partnership, we made three captivating videos. The first video provides all the details about the new collection, showcasing the intricate designs and explaining the inspiration behind each building. It’s a comprehensive overview that will leave you eagerly anticipating their release.

The second video is an unboxing and setup video. In this video you can witness the joy of opening and arranging the Norman Rockwell items in a Christmas village. This video allows you to see the buildings up close, appreciate their craftsmanship, and envision how they will enhance your own miniature display.

Lastly, the third video takes you inside the Lemax showroom. This video offers a glimpse into the magical world created by Lemax, showcasing the buildings in a beautifully designed setting. It’s a visual treat that will inspire your own creativity and imagination.

These videos provide an immersive experience. They allow viewers to fully appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind the Lemax and Norman Rockwell partnership. They offer a glimpse into the magic that awaits collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership and the upcoming release of the seven new lighted buildings. This collaboration is set to illuminate our miniature worlds with a touch of Rockwell’s timeless artistry and Lemax’s enchanting illumination.

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