Lemax Spooky Town: you like it or not. The Spooky Town theme is especially popular in America where the Halloween tradition is celebrated. It is less popular in Europe, but you can still see that the demand for Lemax Spooky Town pieces is gradually increasing there too. Just like the Holiday & Season collection, Lemax also releases a new collection of the Spooky Town theme every year. What can we expect of the new Lemax 2022 Spooky Town Collection?

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witches, monsters and pumpkins

The new 2022 collection has not yet been officially announced, but there are a lot of cool items waiting for you in the store this year! You can discover a clear connection between the different novelties, where Lemax has used pumpkins, fire and smoke! Available exclusively at Michaels in the US last year, but available worldwide this year is Isle Of Creepy Jack. A new item including light and smoke! It uses the same principle as the Smoking Chimneys in the Holiday & Season collection. Watch the video of this new item below.

Last year, many Spooky Town shelves were empty, as you may have noticed. Michaels in the United States had only 20% of the entire Lemax collection available(!). As a result, large parts of the exclusive Michaels Spooky Town collection from 2021 weren’t available. Fortunately, you still have a chance this year, because then the items below will be available all over the world.

last ditch gas & salvage
NEW FOR 2022: Lemax Last Ditch Gas & Salvage

Last year, Lemax gave us a preview of an item that will be presented this year, called Last Ditch Gas & Salvage.

Soon Lemax will officially announce the complete new collection. This page (now consisting of the 2021 collection), will then be updated with all the innovations for 2022.

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